Classroom activities

This section contains resources that have been developed, trialled and edited by TMSJN members. You are welcome to download and try out the activities in your classroom. The accompanying notes will help you to develop your TMSJ pedagogy.

We would welcome any feedback you might have on the activities – please download the feedback form and email it to

Community in the Classroom

Develop students’ mathematical agency through exploring data on housing in their local area and how this can be represented using areas and maps – target ages 14-16.

Growth in earnings: Fair or unfair?

Develop students’ mathematical agency through engaging with real-life data, trends and indexes; posing questions and presenting ideas – target ages 11-14.

Empowering maths learners

A generic structure for developing students’ problem-solving capabilities and mathematical agency – includes three exemplar activities: Border Patterns (ages 5-8); Fraction Flags (ages 11-14); Unearthing SUVAT Equations (ages 16-19).

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