One of the aims of the TMSJ Network is to foster, support and disseminate collaborative research projects in schools. Here is one such project that grew out of discussions between three members of the network.

Primary Maths & Social Justice

The Primary Maths and Social Justice (PMSJ) research project involved Caroline Hilton (UCL Institute of Education), Joel Kelly (The Blue School, CofE), Pete Wright (University of Dundee) and six teacher researchers from two primary schools in Greater London. The main aims were to explore how primary school teachers can maintain and build upon their initial interest in addressing social justice issues through their teaching of mathematics and to consider how to help students develop their critical understanding of mathematics and collective mathematical agency.

Findings from the PMSJ research project

PMSJ research project report (January 2023)
A comprehensive report detailing the methodology and findings.

Primary school teachers tackling social justice issues whilst teaching mathematics
PowerPoint presentation used at the BSRLM Conference (March 2023)

Conceptualising and operationalising socio-mathematical agency
CERME 2022 Conference paper explaining the theory underlying the project

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