Sharing practice in TMSJ workshop

The Sharing practice in teaching maths for social justice workshop took place on Saturday 25th June 2022 at UCL Institute of Education in London. The 19 participants were treated to four excellent presentations, which highlighted the extent to which social justice is as much about how you teach mathematics as much as it is about what you teach. Each presentation stimulated group discussions which provided an opportunity to engage with and discuss ideas, teaching approaches, classroom resources and work in progress.

The four presentations included:

  • Minnie Gloor (St Michael’s Catholic School): Empowering black students through mastery and oracy in the classroom Link to slides
  • Hafsa Farhana (Sarah Bonnell School): Diversifying the maths curriculum Link to slides
  • Graeme Austin (Luton Sixth Form College): Discovery worksheets and power in the classroom Link to slides
  • Ines Makonga Kalubi (Hampstead School): The practice of TMSJ Link to slides

We are hoping to provide a series of short videos summarising the key ideas from each presentation in the near future (for those who were unable to make it in person).

Published by Pete Wright

Senior Lecturer in Education University of Dundee

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